Building Impactful Stories with Locations and Casting

The Lift Producer Pepe Aguirre and Yanga Casting Director Blanca Peña discuss how to build a visual world for a client, drawing on our latest work with Cigna Insurance.

Infinite Possibilities for Bose in CDMX

In collaboration with our friends at Prettybird, Bose teamed up with Producer Cristina Barres and the rest of our family at The Lift and Yanga Casting to bring their complex vision to life.

From San Francisco to Los Angeles, Biking for Blood Cancer Research

The initiative has grown from humble beginnings into a momentous force of shared values, a cause worth fighting for, and hope.

The Magic of Filmmaking with Fernando Guisa

Meet Mexican director, photographer, writer, and master of illusion Fernando Guisa – our new in-house director at The Lift.