Celebrating Mexico beyond Independence Day

Yesterday we celebrated Mexican Independence Day, culminating a long weekend of festivities that spanned near and far. While the official holiday may be over, we know that there’s always a reason to dig deeper into our local culture and take in the daily celebrations of it all.

Drink in the charm of Tequila, Jalisco

When clients come to us asking for a unique location full of sprawling fields, hometown roads, and a town with a historical touch, we immediately think of one place: Tequila, Jalisco. As one would guess, Tequila is the birthplace of one of our favorite drinks—but that’s not all it has to offer. With endless land…

A trip to Jalisco, Mexico

Location, location, location. It’s one of the most important components in bringing any story to life on film. And while Mexico City provides us with a wealth of incredible spots, we sometimes take the opportunity to venture beyond. After all, Mexico City is just one mecca in Mexico. Case in point: Jalisco, Mexico.

<p>Celebrating 15 years</p>

A peek inside the historic neighborhood of San Rafael

Mexico City is a cultural wonder with endless opportunities for exploration, especially when it comes to finding a location for a shoot. Every inch of the city and the surrounding areas offer up unique pockets of creativity, and we love getting the chance to share the wonders of different neighborhoods with our collaborators.