Constructing an Axolotl sanctuary: A collaboration between Yanga Casting and Robotanica

Bridging our passions for environmental preservation and the natural beauty and cultural richness of Mexico.

<p>March 5, 2022 &#8211; Two technicians look on from a scaffolding at the Castillos competition in Tultepec.</p>

Inside Stories from Tultepec’s Annual International Pyrotechnics Festival

The Lift’s Lisette Poole attended this year’s International Pyrotechnics Festival in Tultepec. Read more to hear from attendees on their experience and to see images taken by Lisette herself.

The Lift Helps Apple’s Underdog Crew Avoid the Office

Apple knows the Work From Home phenomenon has its perks – and showing off the portability and adaptability of Apple products was a task built for their iconic “Underdog” crew – a group of comical, unconventional thinkers they have used across multiple advertising campaigns.

Teniente Harina: From Hit Sketch to Hit Series

In 2019, a sketch comedy series by the name of Tiente Harina took YouTube by storm. Now, The Lift is bringing the adored story to long-format streaming services in a new 8-part series by the same name.