When clients come to us asking for a unique location full of sprawling fields, hometown roads, and a town with a historical touch, we immediately think of one place: Tequila, Jalisco.

As one would guess, Tequila is the birthplace of one of our favorite drinks—but that’s not all it has to offer. With endless land filled with blue agave and a town packed with tradition, Tequila offers up a prime location for commercial and film shoots, and it’s a fantastic destination for Mexico visitors and residents alike.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2006, the Tequila region spans 85,650-acres between the Tequila volcano and the Rio Grande River, giving life to stunning landscapes, distilleries, haciendas, and so much more—it’s a dream space for a creative mind.

One of our favorite ways to experience Tequila is embarking on one of the numerous Tequila Tours, which brings visitors through the incredible sights of the region, from factories fine-tuning tequila production to agave fields mid-harvest. The town is ripe for exploration as well; simply strolling through the cobblestone streets and taking in the culture is nearly akin to time travel, and with endless events and festivities such as the National Tequila Fair, which takes place November 30 to December 12, there is so much to discover all around.

From Jose Cuervo’s Tavern and the lively main square filled with local flavor to the House of Culture, Distillery La Perseverancia, and the National Tequila Museum, Tequila is a prime example of the creative and cultural power of Mexico.

In addition to the wealth of tradition and sights, it’s also an ideal destination to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day! Explore some of the wonder of Tequila by clicking through the galleries—and thanks to Gustavo Chapa, our location manager in Guadalajara, for the stunning shots of the town of Tequila!