At The Lift, we are dedicated to our country and our people. At our core, we work to empower creativity by partnering with talented individuals who not only use the vast versatility of Mexico to tell their stories, but appreciate and showcase our culture for all its beauty.

We aim to prove that Mexico is the ideal location for shooting and creating captivating stories of any kind. This message is pioneered by our founder, and and president of the Film and Audiovisual Industry Competency Management Committee, Avelino Rodríguez, who is involved in several initiatives that promote and encourage talents to develop within the Mexican national filmmaking industry.

On February 13th, Avelino visited the state of Durango where, along with Governor José Aispuro Torres and the director of the National Chamber of the Film Industry (CANACINE), Tabata Vilar Villa, signed a collaboration agreement to develop human capital skills dedicated to the film industry.This development will entice those in the film industry to employ qualified crew members from within Mexico, which in turn will lower production costs and foster a strong base of experienced filmmakers in the state. “We as a destination will be more attractive,” said Tabata Villar on the agreement. “Production costs for digital platforms and movies are going to decrease and everybody will benefit from that”.

Durango is the first state to receive certification from CANACINE. This designation will be the first of many, setting the bar for the state’s interest in bolstering the film industry in Mexico to reach the level of international standards and recognition.

With 5 microclimates around its major cities, wide diversity of fauna and flora, and accessible landscapes, Durango has been the setting for movies like “Ben Hur”, Christopher Reeve’s “Superman” and the recent Netflix series, “Somos”. “Durango is cinema and cinema is Durango,” said Avelino. “It is a film destination of lineage, pedigree and international prestige.t is a very established brand, therefore, it will be the pioneer state where the certification of labor competencies for the film industry will be carried out.” As Durango leads the way, we are excited for what the future of Mexican filmmaking has in store and for The Lift to be a part of its growth.