Let’s face it: these days, sorting through what’s real and what’s not can feel like quite an impossible task. That’s where RX Bar comes in. Because with RX Bar, you always know what you’re getting: delicious nutrition without the BS.

In the latest set of spots for the no-nonsense protein bar brand, we worked with the amazing director Dugan O’Neal to bring this exhilarating ethos to the screen by embracing the power of individuality. Produced by The Lift’s Fuad Abed alongside Epoch Films and our fantastic friend Eric Watson, who produced a few of our favorite films such as “Requiem for a Dream” and “Pi,” the spot is a celebration of being yourself and putting it all out there—even if that means running a race in a banana suit, enjoying a hip hop class, or going the extra mile in your yoga practice.

Bringing this project to life was a playful adventure from start to finish. From the wide range of actors cast to fill the screen to the hardworking forces at The Lift that turned dreamy ideas into successful plans, one narrative lesson remains clear: behind the colorful sea of characters is a story that aims to collectively inspire, instilling a mindset around authenticity that exists far beyond a protein bar’s ingredient list. Because at the end of the day, this project is proof of the power of an ultra-creative crew and the willingness to fuse form and fun into a finished product.

Watch the spots below!