At the end of the day, Trojan wants one thing: for you to feel your very best…even if that means blowing the power for your entire block.

For their latest campaign, aptly titled “Get Yours On,” we worked with the classic condom company to bring this energy to life, delivering a set of seven spots that are punctuated with playfulness and creativity.

Led under the artful direction of Alex Prager, The Lift’s Magali Sagarra produced alongside Arts & Sciences with 72andSunny to create a whimsical world with a Trojan twist. “It was an honor to work with Alex Prager. She’s an artist. Working on this project with her was very exciting because I truly love her work. She had a lot of ideas but there were a few limitations, so we had to get creative,” Magali said.

From messy art studio scenes to evenings in the woods, each of the seven spots required equal parts ingenuity and drive to get the job done. “The final edits don’t showcase the craziness that happened behind the scenes. There was so much going on, from special effects, animals, flying paint, and so on. It was a challenging project, but the client left very happy,” Magali shared.

Check out a few of the spots, below!