First introduced in 1932, the Singaporean brand Tiger Beer has become a staple throughout much of the Asian-Pacific market. The company, jointly owned by Heineken and multinational food and beverage company Fraser and Neave, has now brought back one of their most popular light lagers, Tiger Crystal, just in time for the summer season it complements so well.

In an effort to capture the refreshing, youthful feeling of sipping Tiger Crystal on a hot summer’s day, Director Jovan Todorovic and Stink Films had a vision of individuals stepping into the spotlight and finding their spark. “Tiger was a special one,” noted The Lift Producer Pepe Aguirre. “We had to cast very specific talent. We casted in Mexico, LA and all over the world via social media, with great results if I may add.” As a result, the spot features diverse talent exploring the various activities that ignite their personal fires. From an intense round of Dance Dance Revolution in an arcade, to playing the drums, to skateboarding down a busy street, the campaign sends the message that whatever your fire is – Tiger Crystal is the ideal partner in crime.

The massive four day shoot also required a rapid search to find a unique set of locations, encouraging us to embrace our own fire and voice. “We were able to close a really busy street in Mexico’s City’s downtown for 8 hours,” recalled Pepe. “That gave us time to approach Jovan’s [Todorovic, Director] creativity.” Utilizing all that Mexico City has to offer, we were able to pull off the shoot with limited time, and we could not be happier with the results.

Check out the spot below!