When it came to working on “Close The Gap” for Delta Airlines, the creative team knew that we had to showcase the deeper ethos of humanity and connection that drives the airline. The solution? Go back to those moments of innocence where difference doesn’t exist and tell the story through the eyes of children.

The spot, which was directed by Miles Jay and led by The Lift’s Magali Sagarra, brought us back together with our friends at Smuggler, which ensured that the entire shoot would be full of inspired ideas and lots of collaboration.

The narrative for “Close The Gap” was centered around Delta’s ability to serve as the conduit for connection—they connect individuals, cities, and cultures on a daily basis. By telling the tale with the childlike point of view, Delta reminds us all of the similarities that unite us all; similarities that we’re reminded of through the power of flight.

The spot was a bit different than our normal pipeline of work—our cast was filled with young kids! Driven by the child-like wonder that powers the spot, we worked to balance the creative vision with the realities of telling this unique story, seeking out special locations, powerful backdrops, and environments made for collaboration, all while providing a solid network of support to keep every facet of the production running smoothly.

From exciting waterside scenes to family-filled moments, every frame is meant to remind us all of the shared nature of humanity that we tend to forget from time to time. Be sure to watch the full spot, above!