Nick Livesey is an artistic force in his own right. As the Director of Goof Town Productions, he has worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands and creatives across the commercial production space and has developed a unique professional style. However, his passion and drive is not limited to his work within the industry. Over two decades ago, Nick co-Founded Fireflies, a cycling group with charitable affiliations and beneficiaries. “For those who suffer, we ride” – reads the Fireflies Cycling Club’s motto. Beginning in 2001 out of a connection made at the Cannes Film Festival, a ride through the European Alps was led by Livesey, Adrian Harrison, Sandy Watson, Tim Page, Chris Hayworth, and Jake Scott for the benefit of the Hammersmith Hospital for Leukemia in London, United Kingdom. After completing several tours through the Alps, Patagonia in Argentina and Chile, and other challenging terrains, the Fireflies set their sights on a new region.

As the group grew and word of their mission spread across continents, Fireflies West was established in the United States. Beginning an annual fundraising bike tour covering 520+ miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles, California in pursuit of deeper research and a cure for Blood Cancers, Fireflies West rides in support of City of Hope, a leading research and treatment center dedicated to the prevention, treatment and cure of cancer and other life threatening illnesses guided by a compassionate patient-centered philosophy. In 2007, the team completed their first ride with a group of five cyclists. Today, they have expanded and developed a non-profit-like infrastructure to support their continued work and success. Fireflies West is a community of around 50 cyclists who participate each year – including The Lift’s founder Avelino Rodríguez and producer Fuad Abed this past season. The initiative has grown from humble beginnings into a momentous force of shared values, a cause worth fighting for, and hope.

“You can’t ride thousands of kilometers on your own” Nick explains. “You have to ride as a swarm, as a group, as a collective to have the momentum to power on.” As the Fireflies expand into new continents and chapters, we at The Lift are excited to deepen our own connection to the cause and continue to complete more of these inspiring rides together.

Click here to read about the Fireflies’ mission and here to learn more about City of Hope and how you can get involved and donate today.