From the moment you open Gabriela Cámara’s new cookbook, My Mexico City Kitchen: Recipes and Convictions, you’ll be craving every single dish you lay your eyes on. It’s not a surprising occurrence considering the fact that Gabriela is behind two of the most popular restaurants, San Fransisco’s Cala and Mexico City’s Contramar.

Yes, she has two culinary outposts located in two different countries, but both kitchens are driven by the unforgettable flavors of Mexican cuisine. And now Gabriela is bringing those delicious dishes to kitchens everywhere.

In My Mexico City Kitchen, Gabriela shares 150 recipes that encapsulate her vibrant, simple, and sophisticated contemporary Mexican cooking. Inspired by the culinary and cultural flair that pulses through Mexico City, the lineup of recipes feature fresh, inspired, and utterly delicious seafood-centric Mexican dishes. For those who are a bit shy in the kitchen, this cookbook is entirely for you—every dish is perfect for home cooks seeking authentic, on-trend recipes they can make with confidence and regularity. From basic dishes, breakfast and appetizers, to main dishes and desserts, there is a dish and recipe for any and all lovers of Mexican cuisine.

Gabriela combines passion with Mexican culture to craft recipes, dishes, and food-centric experiences that bring the unique taste of Mexico to anyone that enters her restaurants. Contramar is one of our favorite restaurants here at The Lift. So much so, in fact, that we’re allies with the culinary wonder, and we can’t get enough of her vibrant culinary creations that epitomize the flare and energy that define Mexico City.

Check out her book, My Mexico City Kitchen: Recipes and Convictions, here!