In a massive four day shoot, The Lift partnered with our friends from Droga5 and Reset to explore the infinite possibilities presented by Pinterest.

“There was nothing small about this job,” said The Lift Producer Helena Medina.“From the expectations to the special equipment list, it was all big, as big as the smile on director Yann Demange’s face as he arrived in Mexico. High energy, great vibe, absolute attention to detail.”

Demange was tasked, alongside producer Michael Garza, with creating the first commercial advertisement for Pinterest. Launched in 2010, Pinterest is known for presenting endless scrolls of beautiful imagery, allowing users to follow different paths of expression as they jump from pin to pin. With creativity and identity at the core of the brand, we worked to help create a world where bold individuality is encouraged and chased after.

Seamlessly displaying all that Pinterest has to offer was no small task, but taking the viewer through the twists and turns of searching through boards and pins was essential. Where you start on Pinterest is never where you end up, and The lift got to mirror that flow with the type of innovative cinematic storytelling that always excites us. Working with a large crew with a short time to prep, this project speaks to the power of imagination and collaboration possible with The Lift.

Check out the spot below!