Our family at Cineburó teamed up with Object & Animal to deliver a Spotify commercial full of wonder and precision. Working with Director Amber Grace Johnson, Cineburó Executive Producer Danny Goodman and the rest of the team put in extensive pre-production planning which proved to be vital on a set full of surprises.

“The director, Amber Grace Johnson, came to Cineburó with a very detailed and precise storyboard of her vision” said EP Danny Goodman, recalling the project’s early stages. “It was challenging for many reasons, but mainly because of the number of plate shots and practical rigging that was needed on location.” The team focused on executing the specific goals outlined in Johnson’s original storyboards while adapting to the circumstances that arose on set, including an unexpectedly early rainfall.

Capitalizing on cinematographer Julián Apezteguia’s cinematic expertise and style, the poor weather on day three of the shoot transformed from a crisis to a creative opportunity. “It began to rain earlier than expected,” said Goodman. “It actually turned into one of the director’s favorite shots – it’s where you see the couple kissing in traffic. That is actual rain and the scene was not planned that way. We couldn’t lose time and the whole crew just went with the flow to get that shot.”

Proving that nothing can distract you from the perfect song or the perfect story, we are proud of our family at Cineburó for the amazing work they dedicated to this project and the support they provided in bringing their collaborator’s vision to life.

Check out the spot below!