The Spanish-Mexican duo, Los Pérez, teamed up with Caviar and 215 McCann to deliver an extraordinary and adventurous new spot for Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox). In this new project, our directors tried to portray Mexico in the most authentic way through powerful yet distinctive images and characters such as a ‘globero’ (balloon man) an ‘algodonero’ (cotton candy man), a ‘boleador’ (shoe-shining man) and even a Chopo’s goth (The most punk and gothic spot in town).

Each extra who appears in this spot was carefully chosen to represent all the colorfulness that defines our country.

The main character, Cristo Fernández (Dani Rojas in Apple TV’s Ted Lasso), did an amazing job interpreting himself and his alter ego. As Los Perez stated: “We had lots of fun working natural language into his dialogues and exploring the differences between his two personalities which in the end become one.”

Finding the different landscapes which set the stages in the spot was the main challenge since they had to exist within a limited travel radius. Luckily, Veracruz, Hidalgo, and Mexico City were the perfect places to have a desert, a beach, and a jungle in relatively short distances.

The production crew, including our Magali Sagarra and Javier Alejandro, stepped up to every challenge. The González Staff helped us organize traveling shots in the middle of the jungle or closing streets in a complicated car chasing scene, delivering top-class production. The costume design team, led by Paola Alfaro, sought for the perfect ‘Guayabera’ for Cristo through all downtown, and Maripili Senderos in the makeup department did a marvelous job creating the visual distinction between the two characters that the character portrayed. Last but not least, Bernardo Jasso and Pau Castejón helped them plan and study the complexity of every shot, thanks to their toy cars.

“It was fun and one of the most challenging jobs I’d ever worked at,” recalled Magali. “We basically used all possible existing resources in our business: stunts, cars, SFX, celebrities, drones, cranes, epic locations in the middle of nowhere… and as a result of this super tough production, we have a fabulous and impressive spot.”

Los Pérez had a blast working on this project, as they told us: “Big love to all The Lift staff, especially to Vic our driver who drove us safely; to our chaperone Fer who took care of us, and to Miranda Romero and Laura Urraca for making us feel like home. ¡Viva México!”