In the not so distant past, a traditional work environment was relegated to a stuffy room with employees tightly packed around a conference table, deliberating over binders and files of problems to solve. But in today’s digital age, communication and collaboration have never been easier.

Our latest spot for Microsoft juxtaposes the monotony and complications of the old ways against the ease and mobility enabled by digital products like Microsoft Teams. Made in our first collaboration with Anonymous Content, and directed by Patrick Daughters, the campaign is divided into two parts: work before Microsoft Teams and work with Microsoft Teams.

The first part opens with flashing scenes of traditional office settings. While the physical workplaces and teams of employees change, the message of antiquity is carried throughout. To depict this, we shot robotic-looking people surrounding tables holding paper decks, pencils, an oversized calculator, and a landline telephone.

“The project was a technical challenge, the type of production we love, allowing us to fully collaborate with our clients on the creative solutions to achieve the brief,” said producer Magali Sagarra. “Considering that we shot the campaign in four days, it required a high-level of choreography across multiple departments, including lighting, camera, and art department.”

The choreography between departments was indeed the key to achieving the message. Despite the changes in casts and locations, the steady camera angle tied it all together.

The second part of the campaign transforms all production elements. To capture the convenience afforded by using Microsoft Teams, we shot people working in a variety of configurations and locations, including individually and outdoors. All of the location and set changes were a lot to pull off in four days, but when you work with such a talented crew, the impossible becomes possible.

Bettina Schneider, a producer from Anonymous Content said that our “entire crew was extremely supportive and responsive…comprised of creative, skilled problem solvers who were totally committed and engaged in the process from beginning to end.”

Check out the spot below and see more of Magali’s work here.