From The Lift’s inception through today, we have worked to position Mexico City – and our country at large – as the epicenter of audiovisual production. Through amplifying the endless capabilities of Mexican creatives in the industry and the limitless potential of our landscape to set the scene for any production, we have let the world know that Mexico is the place to be.

During the presentation of the Statistical Yearbook of Filming in Mexico City 2021, it was revealed that the performance of the audiovisual industry played a large role in the economic reactivation of the capitol. “The cultural wealth of our city is associated with the human wealth of its inhabitants”, stressed the Head of Government of Mexico City, Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum – and we couldn’t agree more. Our founder, Avelino Rodriguez, who was part of the presidium on this event, highlighted that Mexico City is quantitatively and qualitatively one of the top production centers in the world – also noting that of the 1054 audiovisual projects carried out in the city, 65% of them were in the realm of advertising.

The economic prowess that this represents is significant to our mission. As an engine of production, we have been able to create 75,000 temporary jobs and indirectly influence the tourism industry, where despite the travel restrictions during the pandemic, we were able to continue with the demand for hotel room inventory in the high-end areas of Mexico City. “This is, economically speaking, the golden age of our industry in Mexico City”, Avelino noted. Together with city officials, we seek to promote that our industry promotes five main axes: competitiveness, innovation, equality, transparency, and proximity. Meaning that our nationwide initiatives in audiovisual creation are competitive with the output of other nations, we innovate on a high scale, and promote equality and transparency in our work which is conducted locally and completed with a local Mexican workforce.

Moving forward, we will continue working to reduce our social and environmental impact through sustainable goals that empower society and improve living conditions in our city. Here at The Lift, we believe in developing human capital skills dedicated to the film industry, which is why we are involved in the continuous education for Mexican professionals of the guild. These actions are outlined in our ESG strategy which structures our plans to provide tangible, achievable milestones.

We believe that our industry has a responsibility to communicate our culture on a wide scale, inviting others into our world for collaboration and mutual prosperity. Always taking into consideration our past and our hopes for a better future, the longevity of Mexican filmmaking and audiovisual production provides a stage for intersectional development which benefits everyone. To learn more about the results presented in the Statistical Yearbook of Filming in Mexico City 2021, you can access the full report here – and stay tuned for what The Lift has in store for 2022.