In the newest music video for “Alone Star” from indie superstars The Vaccines, Directors Santiago and Mariana Arriaga created a parallel world, full of art and varied characters. Our family at Cineburó worked with Edge Films to bring this cinematic vision to life across multiple locations near Mexico City.

Searching for the perfect location and casting the ideal talent for this project were some of the biggest challenges faced by the production team. The video was filmed partly in “Los Jales” in Pachuca, Hidalgo, a place that accurately represents the landscape of the Mexican desert, and the stuck-in-time “Hotel La Puerta,” located outside of Ciudad Neza, to capture the ‘80s inspired elements of the production. The unique spots, alongside amazing acting performances from Andrew Leland Roger and Mara López who portrayed the main characters, allowed the teams to get creative and produce a music video with the cinematic essence of a short film.

“I think this project was characterized by a great feeling of collaboration,” noted Producer Sebastián Castillo. “Rarely such an open and purposeful energy is felt during the entire shooting.” We are proud of our family at Cineburó for being a part of this production. Check out the video and below!