There is nothing like a new year and a brand new decade to spark imagination and give rise to possibility, to feel connected to loved ones and invincible to life’s obstacles. With our latest campaign for Xfinity Mobile, our first spot to drop in 2020, we captured that can-do attitude, the ease of connecting with those near and far, and some of life’s significant moments that are so joyous that they deserve to be recorded and re-lived, over and over again.

Lift Producer Magali Sagarra worked with Leslie Vaughn, and Somesuch to create two different spots for Xfinity Mobile, both of which were directed by Abteen Bagheri.

“We used many locations, there were many vignettes to shoot showing different groups of people in different contexts using the internet,” Magali said about the production for the spots. To depict some of the many conveniences afforded by Xfinity wireless, we shot cyclists using their mobile phones to navigate mountain trails, tired doctors ordering a car home after working an overnight shift at the hospital, kids capturing the surrounding scenery on a road trip, and musicians sharing a jam session over video conference, just to name a few. From coordinating all of these locations to casting a wide variety of actors, this post kept us on our toes.

“We were able to shoot a lot in a small period of time. We worked on a dam far away from the city, with a lot of rain and cold but we achieved great shots,” Magali added.

Check out the Xfinity spots above. Simple, easy, and awesome indeed.