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There is a singularity to what we do: it is the experience and leadership of our producers couped with their passion and love for the craft.

The Lift’s team of producers are as varied as they are talented, and our ability to pair a producer who is tailor-cut to our client’s vision is second to none in the global production space. It all begins with top-level creative talent who can lead the charge from the front; our producers do that with every project they craft.

Magali SagarraProducer

“Here at The Lift, excellence is one of our main values. That ethos also informs my approach and mission to empower directors’ creativity in any way I can.”

From Martin de Thurah’s spots for StubHub to Apple’s commercial from Daniels, Executive Producer Magali Sagarra has worked across numerous high profile brand projects that fuse creative vision with supreme production power. With an extensive background working in feature films, Magali joined The Lift in 2011, bringing her considerable industry experience to the commercial production space, collaborating with clients to ensure that their expectations aren’t simply met, but are elevated to a level that defies expectations.

Fuad AbedProducer

“Creativity to me means crafting the best product with the resources you have available. If you go across the board, this is what we all fight and strive for. At The Lift we push every boundary for the best possible outcome.”

Fuad Abed has spent more than a decade working at The Lift, creating across different roles and infusing projects with a distinct element of imagination and excellence. Viewing Mexico as a space for creators, he works to utilize all of the creative resources available to craft commercials of the highest quality. Throughout his career, Fuad has lent his producer power to projects such as Martin de Thurah’s Audi spot and PlayStation with director Henry Hobson.

Helena MedinaProducer

“Working at The Lift, there is an undeniable standard you just can’t shake off. There’s an undeniable energy that pushes us to continually strive for better. When you experience that feeling there is nowhere better to be.”

Helena Medina began her time at The Lift back in 2006 working as a local fixer and location scout. Originally from Nayarit, she attended Ciencias de la Comunicación at ITESO and has been immersed in the production space ever since. Working with frequent collaborators such as Bullitt and Greenpoint Pictures and leading projects such as Mucinex and Milk Pep, Helena turns production challenges into creative opportunities that make memorable commercial moments.

Israel Gonzálezaka “Simba”Producer

“I’m really fortunate for being part of this great industry. It shows the power of teamwork, brings the opportunity to present different visions and perspectives of life, it brings a direct benefit to our community and most importantly, it gives me the chance to present the beauty of my country and its people to the world.”

His work at The Lift started 10 years ago as a scouter of the Yucatan Peninsula and that gave him new insights on the services and attention that needed to be provided to the client. He is always trying to find the best of the best in the area and for him, the most important thing to have is the creative empathy with directors and producers to make things happen. Israel believes that the south of Mexico with its locations, services, and human resources has great potential for the film industry worldwide.