Constant care for the details has driven us to achieve excellence.

This month, we are celebrating 15 years of The Lift. That’s 15 years defined by our personal blend of a commitment to our craft, the celebration of life and creativity with our partners on and off set, and making magic every time we jump into production.

Those elements are indistinguishable from each other. The skill and ingenuity delivered by our talented team is influenced by our culture – the food, music, arts, and history. Together, these make up the taste, dedication, and conduct that run through the DNA of our craft. It’s how we light a set to create a surreal universe, how we shoot a busy sidewalk to convey modern chaos, or how our casting choices are trusted and believed.

It was the care to create excellence that inspired The Lift to open 15 years ago, and it is our ongoing pursuit of innovating while delivering superior results project after project that will guide us through the next 15.

Let’s take a look back at some of our work, highlighting the attention to detail we give to every casting, every location, every shot and well, every detail that goes into one of our productions! From finding the just the right worn-in sofa for Vimeo, to recreating 18th century French costumes for Cuervo, from building an elevator on a pool of water and a set that is deconstructed and rearranged before your very eyes for Old Spice, to creating explosions and battle scenes for Ciel, check out the intricacies of what we create below!