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Love from The Lift

We’re here for you during these uncertain times.

Connecting the World with Delta

Travel has a way of reminding us there’s so much more that connects us than divides us.

Proud Sponsors of Fireflies Patagonia – Cycling to Fight Cancer

Every year, we mark the seasonal transition from winter to spring with The Fireflies, the annual bike ride to fight cancer, one pedal at a time. Starting on March 5th at the Osorno volcano in Chile, this year’s ride will traverse over 1,000km of gravel across the Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia. We at The Lift…

Creating Worlds with Apple

For Apple Aracade, we recreated multiple cities, all in our own city.

Real Life Collaborations with Microsoft Teams

We helped depict the ease of workplace communication with Microsoft Teams.

A Fresh Take on an Old Spice Classic

We made two spots for Old Spice as follow-ups to an award-winning commercial they put out 10 years ago.

Xfinity is Wireless Reimagined

We captured the ease of connecting for our latest campaign with Xfinity Mobile.

From Our Friends: “Daniel Craig vs. James Bond” by Twentyfour Seven

Our friends at Twentyfour Seven made a great Heineken spot, “Daniel Craig vs. James Bond.”

We Got a Facelift

We are thrilled to finally launch the redesign of our website. Like any creative endeavor, the process was a journey that involved imagination, collaboration, research, and self-reflection about who we are, the work we are making, and where we are going.