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The Lift Founder, Avelino Rodríguez, appointed as the new president of Canacine

Last week, the National Chamber of the Film Industry (Canacine) announced the appointment of our own Avelino Rodríguez

Learning from the Past with Casa Madero

As the eldest wine brand in Latin America, Casa Madero has learned from hundreds of years of successes and failures how to craft the perfect sip.

The Magic of Filmmaking with Fernando Guisa

Meet Mexican director, photographer, writer, and master of illusion Fernando Guisa – our new in-house director at The Lift.

The Vibrant Street Food Culture of CDMX

Bridging culture, accessibility, history, and deliciousness.

<p>FILE PHOTO: British-born Diana Kennedy smiles as she poses for a picture in front of bread ovens at her house in the city of Zitacuaro in the western state of Michoacan September 12, 2008. Picture taken September 12. To match Reuters Life! MEXICO-COOK/ REUTERS/Tomas Bravo (MEXICO)</p>

Remembering the Legacy of Diana Kennedy

Photo By Thomas Bravo | Mexico, September 2008 Food has always been the epicenter of culture. For Mexican Cuisine, food intersects with family, language, communication, history, environmentalism, and more. With great attention to these nuances and details, Diana Kennedy spent her life documenting and sharing the regional food cultures of Mexico. The British-born cook and…

Alex Kahan’s Surreal Straight 8 Shootout Entry “Baba” Rethinks How We Communicate

Straight 8’s annual Shootout is a test of wit and creativity. Fit for the most daring and innovative minds, The Lift worked alongside director and longtime friend Alex Kahan to create “Baba,” a too-close-for-comfort drama, within the strict guidelines of the competition. The rules of the Shootout mandate that participants shoot a 2.5 minute film…

How Bicycles Took Over Mexico City

The bicycle-boom took over the world and maintained a strong hold in Mexico City which has only grown since bikes have become more accessible and affordable over the years.

The Present and Future of the Film Industry: The Statistical Yearbook of Filming in Mexico City 2021

From The Lift’s inception through today, we have worked to position Mexico City – and our country at large – as the epicenter of audiovisual production.

Celebrating the AICP 2022 Shortlist

Congratulations to our friends and family nominated for this year’s AICP Awards!