They say you are only as good as the company you keep, and one element that keeps The Lift creating, producing, and operating at the superior quality we pride ourselves on is the amazing group of people who make up our network.

We are proud to say that out of this amazing group of people, 60% of our employees are female. It’s a group of women who are best in their fields, intelligent, funny, badass, quirky, soulful, compassionate…just absolute winners. The reality is that everyone on our team fits that description, but we’d like to give all our amazing ladies credit for everything that they do to hold The Lift up…and it’s a lot!

The women on our team have a prominent hand (or eye) in everything that we do, and in fact, 64% of our executive positions are held by women and 67% of our house crew are women. We have coordinators, managers, bidders, and legal advisors making things run behind the scenes at our corporate headquarters and on sets, we have Producers like Magali Sagarra and Helena Medina who execute one flawless project after another, we have a talented roster of directors defining the creative coming out of The Lift Local, there’s Paola Gomez heading up Yanga, casting the diverse talent in Mexico across our productions. And did we mention that 32% of the women working at the company are moms and 23% of our female employees have either earned or are studying to earn a master’s degree? Across the board, it’s a powerful crew!

These are just a few examples of the countless contributions the women within our community make to keep the wheels running from one day to the next. Thank you to the tremendous group of women who inspire and motivate us through everything that we do. Here’s to all you amazing ladies!