We are so excited to celebrate our sister company Cineburó’s work on the Disclosure music video “My High (ft. Aminé and slothai),” which just won the award for Best Dance Video at the UK Music Video Awards.

The gritty and adrenaline-filled video, which was also shortlisted for Music Video of the Year, was directed by Simon Cahn at Division and shot on 16mm film. It tells an absurd story about a car accident victim trying to get medical attention, and despite the appearance of a Los Angeles setting, the video was actually shot throughout Mexico City.

“The locations were challenging as both cities, LA and Mexico City, are chaotic and noisy, and we wanted to convey this,” said Cineburó Producer Juanelo Hernández. “We shot in very difficult parts of the city – like downtown- while maintaining high security standards and not revealing this was indeed Mexico City. We also had to shoot in another state to film streets and houses that seemed like suburban neighborhoods from LA. We filmed in the Hospital de Jesus, which is the oldest hospital in Mexico, built where Hernan Cortez met Moctezuma.”

“Selecting the cast was one of the most complicated aspects of the project, since it involved many characters with peculiar characteristics,” Hernández added. “We worked with three different casting services and still at the end, even I participated as the nurse who smokes the spliff.”

Despite the challenges faced in casting and recreating Los Angeles in Mexico City, Hernández said it was the final sequence that was the most difficult to shoot. “Those last seconds, where the main character is run over, took about four hours and we had to close several important streets from all vehicles and traffic. Finally, I used to joke with the crew that our main objective was keeping our main character alive during the shoot, since the poor guy was continually exposed to … well, all that you see in the video. He was a trooper”.

With an UK Music Video Award for Best Dance Video, Cineburó’s hard work paid off! Check out the video below.