Our friendship with the production masterminds at Cineburó goes way back, but seeing their latest work never gets old. We rounded up three recent pieces from our creative allies that you’ll want to watch on repeat.

The first spot tells a story we all love to hear: the tale of tequila. Don Julio’s tequila, that is. Directed by Kevan Funk and produced alongside NOCO, the spot, perfectly titled “A Life Devoted To Tequila Making,” is an ode to the man behind the world’s most coveted tequila. Shot between indoor bar scenes and outdoor moments filled with agave, bartenders share stories of Don Julio’s mythic dedication to his craft—one we can all certainly appreciate today.

Cineburó teamed up with Stvdium, Kanan Films, and executive producer Danny Goodman for the second project—a standout music video for singer-songwriter LP’s latest single, “How Low Can You Go.” Shot at Hotel El Ganzo in San José del Cabo, director Eric Maldin crafts a moody, intimate experience from one shot to the next, taking viewers inside LP’s irresistible melodies. From dark frames in the hotel room to dreamy evenings in a cemetery, the video captures late-night misadventures in Mexico with perfect ease.

The third eye-catching project is one for Roberto Cavalli’s Paradise Found fragrance. The spot, which was shot in April of 2019 but just debuted last fall, is a sensory experience unlike any other. Produced with Halal for Coty, the visualization of Paradise Found is an epic journey through the jungle and a robust encapsulation of the show-stopping scent.

Give Cineburó’s latest favorites a watch!