Mexican amateur soccer – colloquially known as fútbol llanero – has a simple set up. All that is needed is two sets of goal markers, a ball, and enough players to split into two teams. All across the country, communities gather to play pick-up games known as “cascaritas” after school, after work, and on weekends at their local fields. A great way to be active with friends, soccer is an accessible and energized sport that has become a notable part of Mexican culture.

While approachable and friendly, anateur soccer still packs the same passion and demand of professional soccer. A sense of competition and rivalry fuels the players love of the sport and provides tense entertainment for the friends and family members cheering on their loved ones. Joined over a shared love of challenge and triumph, soccer has become such an integral aspect of social culture that teams will gather rain or shine to go head-to-head – regardless of less than ideal field conditions.

There are amateur soccer leagues at the state, regional, and municipal levels all each bringing the same intensity to every match. For many, “fútbol llanero” is the most authentic form of Mexican Soccer because it is what local communities gather to do together everyday, inspired by the passion that the game brings to their lives.