Fireflies 2022, photo by Matt Maynard

“This ride is not for the faint of heart, but neither is cancer”

For the second time, one of The Lift’s family members is attending The Fireflies Patagonia, the annual bike ride to fight cancer, one pedal at a time south of the hemisphere. 

The event, which takes place from March 2 to 12, 2023, covers a challenging 1,400-kilometer route between the most impressive landmarks in Chile and Argentina. The ride aims to raise funds and generate awareness for blood cancer research, support patients, and help children with cancer through the Fundación Vivir más Feliz.

Fireflies 2022, photo by Matt Maynard

Producer Pepe Aguirre, along with 20 other dedicated riders, will participate in the 2023 ride. The event not only raises funds but also brings aid and donations to the most isolated communities in southern Chile.

The Fireflies Patagonia ride is one of the most challenging solidarity rides in the world, with a tough and relentless course. However, The Lift and other like-minded individuals see the cause as more than worth it and are excited to deepen their connection to it.

We support the Fireflies Patagonia ride, as we are committed to humanity’s well-being from our trench. By participating in the event, we feel inspired to do what’s in our possibilities for the well-being of cancer patients and communities in Chile. 

Fireflies 2022, photo by Matt Maynard

We bike for a cause to ride for a cure.