In 2019, a sketch comedy series by the name of Tiente Harina took YouTube by storm. Now, The Lift is bringing the adored story to long-format streaming services in a new 8-part series by the same name. Following two Police Lieutenants, Officers Teniente and Ramírez, in their quest to locate and capture a serial killer – known by the name of “El Cancelador” – who is known for killing popular internet influencers, the series combines thrilling drama and irreverent comedy, making it the perfect viewing experience for a wide range of audiences.

“Originally, when we started filming the sketch we knew we had something special” recalled the Director of the upcoming series Chava Espinosa, who was also a part of the original sketch team. “We were all interested in continuing with this project and after its initial success and believed that these characters were able to have a further life.” After discovering and establishing the true nature of the characters, the team went on to develop the content from sketches into a full series by layering elements of comedy and drama. “This is a series that transits between several genres by adding suspense, crime thriller, drama, and comedy” Chava continued. “We needed to fully understand the richness of our characters in order to be able to develop them into a longer story.”

Building stories, especially ones surrounding Mexican narratives and landscapes, is The Lift’s specialty. We teamed up with Production Coordinator Sandra Rivadeneyra – our long time collaborator who worked with us on The Lift Entertainment’s first project, Lotería – to take Teniente Harina to the next level. “Even though we had to work from home because of the pandemic for a good part of the pre-production, there was always laughter,” Sandra recalled from working with The Lift entertainment on this project. “There were thousands of chats with daily updates, memes, and stickers that celebrated every new achievement.” Keeping up positive energy and consistent communication through the process was essential. After changes to the script lengthened the production’s timeline from four months to nine, patience and teamwork is what got us to the finish line with an amazing final product we cannot wait to share.

As The Lift Entertainment continues to expand into long-format media, we are looking forward to maintaining our past relationships as well as developing new ones while working on exciting new media for all to enjoy. “I hope that whoever watches the series has as much fun watching as we did filming it,” said Sandra. “You can see the love we put into this series because it is a milestone for many of us, and we had a great Director and actors who were part of the team pushing us forward so that everything worked perfectly.” The Line Producer on the series, Iván Gutiérrez, echoed this sentiment stating that “The same fun vibe established in the sketch has permeated throughout the series, not only on screen but behind the scenes.”

Stream the series on Comedy Central and Amazon Prime now!