Apple knows the Work From Home phenomenon has its perks – and showing off the portability and adaptability of Apple products was a task built for their iconic “Underdog” crew – a group of comical, unconventional thinkers they have used across multiple advertising campaigns. For the newest spot titled “Escape from the Office”, the cast – made up of Ambrose Burzak, Stephen Young, Edward Mawere, Mia Schauffler, and Beth Fraser – sets out on their own to create a new product and business as a means of never going into the office again. The Lift set out to find the best locations and provided a top tier production team to bring this story to life.

The search for this production’s locations was thorough and intense. Working on a tight timeline, our team at The Lift, led by Producer Natalia Casanova, used every day as a scouting day. “Finding the perfect locations was the most challenging part of this project,” Natalia noted. “We were always up against the clock, not because of a lack of organization but because the project and the shooting plan were very ambitious.” Luckily, Mexico has the perfect locations for any shoot, and our team was able to deliver everything on time and execute the directorial vision of Smuggler’s Mark Molloy. “Mark Molloy is one of my favorite directors,” continued Natalia. “His creativity never stops and all sets created in his mind are well captured in the selected locations.”

Creativity was in abundance on this set. Working with a well known cast of comedians and a dedicated director, our team was able to thrive. “I always enjoy working on these kinds of projects where I can collaborate with very talented people,” said Natalia. As this spot marks a new beginning for this motley crew of characters, we are excited for their future campaigns and the potential to continue our work with like minded, innovative creatives.

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