If you were to throw a party with history’s most influential people, who would make that guest list?

For Jose Cuervo, that would include names and faces of icon status—from Amelia Earhart and Abraham Lincoln to Socrates and Chuck Berry. And who is playing host to these mothers and fathers of their respective fields? Cuervo Tradicional. The Father of Tequila.

The Lift’s Mao Padilla worked alongside the talented creatives at Biscuit Filmworks, director Isaiah Seret, and producer James Graves to transport viewers into an unforgettable party and pay homage to Jose Cuervo’s centuries of innovation in Tequila. It took a team of true creative powerhouses to bring this spot together, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Check out some of our favorite snapshots from the shoot, below, and stay tuned for more on how the exceptional costumes, hair, and makeup came together for the campaign.