Grounding a brand in a compelling narrative is an exciting way to engage audiences in a creative and authentic way. Branded storytelling has evolved significantly over the past few years, and we had the opportunity to work on one of the most exciting ventures in this field yet. Teaming up with our friends at Prettybird, we blended the charm of the holiday season with the magic of Coca-Cola to create a long-form, three episode series for the brand. Touching on themes of family and togetherness with a modern technological twist, these projects push the boundaries of what is expected of commercial production.

“Our goal is to tell stories that have a lasting impact” The Lift Producer Helena Medina asserts. “To do this, we need creative and talented producers who can think outside the box and bring their unique visions to the project. These formats allow us to add different flavors, all executed to the highest standard – showcasing the creativity and talent of Mexican production.” Working alongside Director Vellas and the team at Prettybird, our expertise supported a strong creative vision and a working set built on respect and friendship. “We hope this campaign will serve as an example for future projects, motivating others to tell stories that showcase the work of artists and creativity on a global level,” Helena continues. “We are proud of the outcome and how we came together to bring this campaign to life, which will surely reach many people.”

Talent was an essential part of accentuating the story’s originality – luckily, our family at Yanga Casting has an eye for excellence. “For this campaign, we were excited to have a fiction script that allowed us to slow down our usual commercial speed and take a different approach to finding the right talent,” noted Paulina Maqueda, Casting Director. “We had a lot of fun getting the right performance out of everyone through a blend of improvisation and natural talent in front of the camera.” Understanding a person’s natural gifts and how they work on screen is part of what makes the team at Yanga so indispensable as it allows for our work to flourish cinematically.

Scroll below to check out the first episode titled “Christmas Always Finds Its Way” now to watch the hard work of our teams in action.