In the latest campaign from Lululemon, the activewear brand set out to push the boundaries of visual storytelling. Seeking a variety of locations, Director Daniel Wolfe, under his new banner Love Song Films, alongside our friends at Droga5, came to Mexico City knowing that The Lift could bring their every idea to life.

Feel, which was produced by The Lift’s Fuad Abed, follows the story of a young man who leaves isolation to rejoin the world. From shooting in a lonely apartment to a dense forest, the urban streets of Mexico City to even underwater, the shoot required quite a range of striking locations. With such a diverse landscape right at our fingertips, we had a lot of creative freedom to build the various atmospheres within this spot.

In addition to locations and an impressive performance by lead actor Radouan Leflahi, the shoot also required technically demanding cinematography, specifically with the scenes shot in water. With a large effort put into preparation by our team and Cinematographer Deepa Keshvala, we were able to pull it off without a hitch.

We are very pleased with the final spot, and we are not the only ones! The project was recently featured in an article by Shots, highlighting the beauty within the juxtaposition of fairytales and fitness.

Check out the spots below!