Everyone loves an underdog story, and a recent project we crafted gives viewers just that. The scene is set when fate intervenes and a hard-working employee has the chance to get new ideas in front of her boss. That’s when it all begins.

Producer Magali Sagarra, director Mark Molloy, and our friends at SMUGGLER were part of the fantastic creative team that elevated a simple spot into a captivating short film. In the film, four colleagues come together to bring us the ultimate underdog story: they’re on a tight deadline to have their ideas heard by their powerful boss. Armed with cutting-edge technology, innovative workplace tools, and indispensable resources, they work tirelessly to refine, reimagine, and produce a prize-worthy presentation. The journey to get there is filled with frustrations, insights, breakthroughs, late nights, and, of course, endless cups of coffee.

This project was unlike any another considering it was a short film rather than a traditional spot, so we had a lot of fun getting everything together. From frantic office scenes to the run-in with their boss, every moment was crafted with acute detail and care. We worked to assemble a cast that represented a diverse and personality-driven crew of coworkers, all of whom came alive throughout the fast-paced scenes. We couldn’t help but fall in love with the relatable narrative: a team comes together, ideas come alive, and the drive to create pushes every individual to do their best. That’s a mindset we can get behind!

The spot also took the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity by storm by snagging three awards: a Gold Lion in Direction and Casting, a Silver Lion in Script and Editing, and a Bronze Lion in Use of Original Music. Congratulations to the entire team!