Bose is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of sound, however or wherever you choose to listen. When it came to launching their ​​QuietComfort Earbuds II, the goal was to create a visual landscape as customizable, chic, and creative as the unique technology at play. Naturally, this led them to Mexico City, where our streets and talent can be transformed to tell any story. In collaboration with our friends at Prettybird, Bose teamed up with Producer Cristina Barres and the rest of our family at The Lift and Yanga Casting to bring their complex vision to life.

With distinct locations needed for the shoot – from a lush backyard with a swimming pool to a crowded city subway – our team had a packed shooting schedule to execute. “It was a project with a lot of locations for the number of days of shooting,” Cristina notes. “By working as a team we were able to pull it off to show the brand in a genuine way.” Working with celebrated directing duo BRADLEY&PABLO (also known as Bradley Bell and Pablo Jones-Soler) fostered a hands-on collaborative environment from the beginning, enabling us to think creatively and work efficiently.

In capturing Bose’s wide audience, our manifold locations had to be matched with a powerful cast of talent. Luckily, our family at Yanga Casting had us covered. “Mexico was the ideal place for this project because we provided locations that look authentic and could be in any city in the world,” explains Cristina. “With the casting choices, we were able to add even more texture and variety to the world we were creating.” Scroll below to watch the final spot and to see more inside stories from this high-energy set, captured by photographer and colleague Luis Villalobos.