Director, photographer, and artist Max Luz has been all over the world. The German-born, previously UK-based creative has seen it all and is now putting down roots in Mexico City as he joins our family at The Lift Mexico.

“I worked with The Lift a few years ago on a small project,” recalled Max. “I ended up staying in Mexico for about three months at that time, I started working out of their office and then our relationship grew from there.” Alongside his independent work, Max has lent his introspective and cinematic style to a number of projects for major brands such as Ssense and Adidas, Wrangler, Balenciaga, Volkswagen, and Audi. “Every project is special,” Luz asserted. “I think my collaboration with Ssense and Adidas on their Infinite Silence project was some of the most meaningful work for me. It focused on a difficult subject, mental health and suicide, but the clients, creative directors, and everyone involved trusted me with an immense amount of creative freedom, so it was able to speak to the cause as well as stay true to my voice and style.”

Max delves into extremes regularly in his work. This inclination towards polarity is one of the traits that led him to live and work in Mexico. “Mexico exists in a paradox” Max noted while illustrating his view of the country he now considers home. “Those extremes inspire and attract me. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting has been reliable and engaged in their work and communities, the environment that encourages and challenges my creativity.” The many neighborhoods and cities of Mexico maintain unique identities and potential for any artistic vision.

Working with The Lift seemed to be a natural next step for Max, a world traveler looking for the next best place to be. We could not be more excited about his work and our continued collaboration and look forward to the infinite possibilities that lie ahead!