Last year we joined Nike in making history with the first ever Women’s Just Do It campaign in Mexico, and now we’re pleased to unveil our second collaboration with the sports giants.

Nike’s latest campaign, titled Just Do It: Tiempo De Ser Héroes (Time to be Heroes), is a powerful anthem aimed at unleashing the city through sport. The Lift’s Fuad Abed teamed up with Superprime, director Loren Denis, and producer Betsy Blakemore to celebrate the spirit of Mexican athletes all over Mexico City, from the pool to the city streets and everywhere in between. The campaign has continued in print as well, with posters all over to celebrate the launch.

The spot itself is inspiring, but even more exciting to all of us is Nike’s desire to push creativity in Mexico. These massive projects require countless hardworking and talented individuals to come together in a special way and applying our production expertise to make it all happen is an honor. The end result is a campaign we’re proud of and, more importantly, a continued shift and growth of the Mexican creative community.

Watch the spot above and check out some of the campaign posters around the city below.