We recently had the thrilling opportunity to work on two very creative Johnnie Walker spots, A Bite That Blooms for the red label, and A Molten Dream On Your Tongue for the black label. Both spots have intense energy, and both abound with surreal scenes and imagery. They play like a flipbook of wild flashbacks to a very good and very strange night fueled by a few glasses of Jonnie Walker.

The commercials were directed by the visionary Matt Lambert and produced by Prettybird, Magali Sagarra, and Julia Roberson. With flowers blooming, fires burning, and a tango danced in the pouring rain, both spots were shot in a studio and completed with special effects. They are artistic and eccentric, more like experimental films than traditional commercial advertisements. Thanks to Matt’s visual expertise and keen directing, although the vignettes in each spot seem unrelated, the close-up shots, tight editing, and tonal moods connect the creative and maintain an overall cohesive narrative.

“Each vignette was like creating an installation on its own,” Magali said about the production. “Each one felt like a work of art and could very easily become part of a museum exhibition.” Producing these Johnnie Walker spots was a wonderful creative process, a job that reminds you to appreciate the dreamwork. Check out some behind the scenes photos from the productions below.