In the latest spot for Ray-Ban, we worked to celebrate the multitude of moments, big and small, that make up who we are. Because much like every lesson, feat, and hurdle marked by individuality, Ray-Ban has a frame that truly speaks to you.

More than a spot centered around sunglasses, each scene aims to empower individuals to welcome the journey in becoming who they truly are. With The Lift’s Mao Padilla leading the way, we worked with London-based Stink Studios and director Salomon Ligthelm to capture the numerous experiences that make up this journey we call life.

Unique, personal, and inherently tied to you, the sunglasses in Ray-Ban’s lineup are always along for the ride, whether it is the exhilarating and life-affirming nights with friends, instances of triumph or heartbreak, or finding that confidence to own it all.

Centered around the amalgamation of life’s experiences, we knew that this spot would require numerous locations and quite a few logistical maneuverings. Much of what makes the spot—apart for the locations—is the cast that fills it. Lively, genuine, and full of life, every single person added a level of storytelling power to the spot. From swimming pool scenes and exciting motorcycle rides to interactions on the bus and unforgettable nighttime adventures, there was no shortage in the scouting and securing of locations to bring this story to life, and we had a total blast venturing around the city to make sure every piece of the narrative was in-line with the creative vision.

Take a look at some of our behind the scenes moments, below!