Behind the scenes with Vimeo

Our recent work on the Vimeo campaign, “Vimeo Can Help,” was a creative thrill that led to the creation of 14 unique and playful films.

Working with Arts & Sciences and director Alex Prager, The Lift producer Fuad Abed Dalton and the rest of the team worked wonders behind the scenes to make it all come together. A lot was going on with this production—we did, after all, turn 400 spots into 14 final films—and we took a moment to chat with our friends at Fig Agency—who helped lead the creative narrative—to hear what they had to say about the process.

What were some of the biggest challenges in creating so many spots?

Once we concepted the main campaign idea, “Vimeo Can Help,” we challenged ourselves to write the best possible spots. The simple and broad concept allowed for an array of scenarios, ranging from bizarre to funny to the absolutely absurd. We wrote over four hundred spots in order to land on the fourteen we ended up shooting.
Another challenge we had was casting. We wanted to cast characters that were both unique and realistic. All the spots were to be graphic, unique, and beautiful and we had to make sure our talent made sense in the world we were creating.

How did you balance the vast array of scenes, sets, and storylines within the production timeline?

Alex and her team found some amazing locations for the spots and, with the help of The Lift, everyone was able to puzzle-piece an efficient schedule. We had to shoot 3-4 spots a day and this was only possible due to the ingenious utilization of locations. Though all the spots look so different, some were filmed at the same house or at one golf course complex. Shooting more than one video per location minimized travel and set up time allowing us to complete so many spots a day. A great example of this is that the marching band spot was filmed right outside the restaurant where we filmed the screaming mustard spot.

What was your favorite moment of the shoot? Favorite finished spot?

Some of our favorite moments on set was watching all the practical effects. It was so fun to be able to watch an apartment fall apart or mustard uncontrollably shoot out of a bottle. We also loved walking through the whale belly set! Our favorite spots are Mustard, Revolving Door and Subway.

Check out all 14 films right here.