The Lift is a team of production specialists based in Mexico dedicated to empowering creativity by delivering unparalleled production partnership experiences.

Support Team

Avelino RodríguezPartner

“We created The Lift on the premise that Mexico had huge potential both as a country and as a service destination. Our love for Mexico has always been our driver, and our legacy and cultural values permeate everything we do.”

From 2005 to today, Avelino continues to lead The Lift with a central ethos that’s rooted in creative excellence—a value that makes us a world-class player in the global production service market.

José BarreraManaging Partner

“Our shared experiences as a team have led us to nurture a unique culture of excellence, we challenge each other to question and shatter all preconceived industry standards, we also carry with us a very strong identity in which we are all in our own way, producers.”

José has been with The Lift since 2008, delivering seamless experiences for our partners and collaborators by empowering excellence across every single detail from one project to the next.

Virna WinckelmannPartner

“Sharing a vision of how to do things with creativity, excellence and doing it from the best place is a privilege. If you’re accompanied by the best team, it becomes an incredible experience.

For me, working and being part of The Lift fills me with pride and constantly challenges me to be better in every way.

Mexico is a place filled with color, contrasts, magic and human quality. Offering this destination to the world is part of our commitment and we work hard day in and day out to make it happen.”

Gabriel StavenhagenPartner

“We are a “Yes” company, no job is too big or too small. We simply pursue our vision of excellence through whatever we are doing. Working hand in hand with award-winning directors and our trusted partners we continue to grow our reputation of tackling the most exciting projects that offer the best of Mexico to the world.”

Patricia SánchezEntertainment

“My passion is to pull off the impossible. My main strength alongside the team at the The Lift lies in helping to achieve the most ambitious and wildest idea, just to entertain, inform, and tell a worthy story to the viewing audience.”

Paola GómezYanga Casting

“Someone razor-sharp minded told me that most intellectual property or copyright agents have had a past related with artistic profiles. We wanted to be part of such a world, but were afraid of doing so. In my case, that was completely true. But the universe is kind and gave me a second chance… but as an IP professional pushing to show the world that the best talent is found in Mexico. Our diverse ethnicities, cultures and skill sets us apart but our passionate hearts used in every project, in every shoot make us unique. They are not just working, they are creating”.

Paola is the head of our Casting department and her focus is to showcase the beauty and diversity that can be found in Mexico.

The Lift has spent more than a decade serving as a leader in commercials and film production services partnerships , working with production companies, directors, producers, and creatives from around the world to set a new standard for craft and creativity in both Mexico and beyond.

Our approach to work has a level of passion and care that redefines the scope of production services; we are partners that go the extra mile to ensure our collaborator’s vision comes to life. We find creative solutions to problems, building storytelling spaces with a collaborative culture that ensures every production experience exceeds expectations.