In their recent “I Can Change the World” campaign, the iconic Espresso brand Lavazza explored our human connection to the natural world in an attempt to raise awareness of climate change and the importance of conservation. The coffee connoisseurs enlisted the help of the visionary Mexican cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, to tell the story of the link between artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, environmental activists, and the breathtaking ecosystems they relate to. With the help of our friends at Kanan Films and Managing Director Simba González, they were able to bring this important message to life.

“When Lavazza approached me for this project, I was very honored and humbled,” recalled Lubezki, or “El Chivo”, as he is known by friends and collaborators. “These artists give every hour of their life to making the world a better place.” These individuals guided Lubezki to the locations that spoke to them the most. From swamps to icy peaks, there was something special about each of these locations. Cristina Mittermeier, one of the protagonists of this campaign, is a Mexican photographer for National Geographic who has managed to protect areas at risk from human exploitation through her work. Lubezki chose the wetlands and mangroves in Quintana Roo as the principal setting for her photoshoot. For more than a month, the team searched for the best mangrove areas in the Mexican Caribbean, exploring the area of Cayo Iglesias, Isla Blanca, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Sian Kaan.

“Our experience with Emmanuel during the photoshoot was incredible,” recalled Simba. “There was an atmosphere of great admiration from the crew towards him, who always remained humble and with a spirit of companionship with all the crew. He shared with us his vision, which made it much more fun and more effective to do our work.” Emmanuel’s artistic vision separated this campaign from your typical commercial production, communicating a universal message with hopeful, personal, and stunning imagery.

At The Lift, we are passionate about environmental justice as well as the highest quality of visual arts. This project perfectly combines those passions and we could not be more proud of our friends for producing such impressive and important work. Check out the videos chronicling Emmanuel’s process and Cristina Mittermeier’s story below.