Environmental preservation is an issue close to our hearts at The Lift. Recently, our family at Yanga Casting took their dedication to wildlife and ecology to the next level. In collaboration with Robotánica, an exhibition group which explores a new wilderness of technological species through robotics, the Yanga team helped to build a sanctuary for Axolotls – an endemic species from Xochimilco which has become endangered.

Found in lake ecosystems across Mexico, the Axolotls predominantly found home in Lake Xochimilco, underlying Mexico City. Threats such as predatory fish species, a decrease in water quality caused by an imbalance in agricultural activities, urban sprawl, waste dumps, and rain pollution have all posed a serious threat to the Axolotl population and has led to their endangerment. The loss of these amazing creatures would also mean a loss of their significant cultural and scientific value: it was believed by the Aztecs that Axolotls could be used in medicine and as ceremonial entities, and scientific research today is tapping into them for their regenerative abilities. The species is inherently tied to Mexican culture and their extinction would be a great loss to national identity as well as ecological makeup.

That is where Yanga stepped in. “We decided to collaborate with Robotánica to design a project that would meet a need and that had similarities to Yanga’s culture and values,” recalled Head of Casting at Yanga, Paola Gómez. “We have distinguished ourselves by emphasizing our founding values, including the importance of promoting actions and strategies to improve the conditions of our environment.” Creating a sanctuary for a species native to Mexican land seemed the perfect place to start. The sanctuary will go through many specialized processes to ensure its safety and its functionality before finally introducing the Axolotl. Like any other ecosystem, it should have a delicate balance where every factor contributes to maintaining a virtuous circle within it. The Axolotls are a key species who support the conservation of others within their ecosystem, meaning that helping them was the first step to helping our environment as a whole.

“The Axolotls are a symbol of Mexican culture and origin,” Paola continued. “They are an essential part of the fauna which protects and conserves other species of the marine ecosystem. In addition, the species’ variety in color and uniqueness speaks to Yanga’s dedication to diversity in our industry, and we will continue to support that in any way we can.”