Did you know that you can find Scotland, Tokyo, Germany, and New York City all in Mexico City? We constructed a variety of worlds to bring our friend Ian Pons Jewell’s vision to life for the latest Apple campaign.

In A New World to Play, directed by Pons Jewell, made in collaboration with Reset and produced by Megan Moore and Fuad Abed, we depicted the accessibility and versatility of the new Apple Arcade product by creating eight different sets to resemble various locations around the globe.

“It is always a pleasure to work with Reset and Ian,” Fuad said about the campaign. “We did Scotland, NY subway, German flat, Mexico City taco shop, an airplane, and Tokyo in a very local part of Mexico City.” It takes a lot of work to find and recreate these global locations all in one city, not to mention a discerning eye.

To further illustrate the extensive range of games available through this new Apple product, we cast people of all ages, from a young girl riding in the backseat of her dad’s car, to adult men gaming in their flat, to a woman playing a game during a redeye flight. After conducting extensive castings, the final campaign offers something for everyone, everywhere.

“It was such a post heavy job,” Fuad added. “The opening shot was done with a drone, then CGI takeover, then into the car in a stage. Funny thing about this, I was the driver of the car.”

Check out Fuad’s cameo in the spot below, and see more of his work (behind the camera) here!