15 years ago…

We jumped into uncharted territory. Our mission was to develop Mexico as the best production destination in the world. Since then, we’ve lived through many adventures, we survived a pandemic, we have told many stories, made friends, films, and expanded our families.

Slowly but surely we have seen our dreams materialize into a beautiful company called The Lift. At its core, The Lift is a team of outstanding human beings who bring their heart and soul into everything they do and who have forged a unique culture of passion, professionalism, and excellence. Here’s to them.
Here’s also to our partners who have supported us every step of the way, pushing us to be the best we can be. We are constantly inspired by the talent and artistry we collaborate with.

And finally, our amazing country, and the role it has played in what our company is today. No words can describe what an honor it is to call ourselves Mexicanos. We are Mexicanos empowering creativity through service excellence.

The Lift is….

“When passion for what we do and trust in your friends and colleagues become fun and love.” – Magali Sagarra, Producer

“After a hard working week, we have great bonding moments over wheels during weekends.”  – Cesar Alvarez Arjona, Shared Services Manager

“I always wanted to be part of something big and crafted with love.” – Paola Gómez, Talent Manager

“To describe the best experience in the past 12 years working at The Lift is really tough, but going back to work producing my first remote shoot producing after 4 months of being home during COVID, it was great to see all of our friends and family.” – Fuad Abed, Producer

“It has been four years since I worked for the first time with The Lift and boy what a four years they have been. Filled with great experiences, always working with the best. I want to congratulate all the people that make The Lift the amazing company that it is. Cheers for another 15 and more.” – José “Pepe” Aguirre, Producer