When you’ve been making wine for over four centuries, you are bound to have hit roadblocks along the way. Founded around the year 1600, Casa Madero winery and vineyard – located in Coahuila, Mexico – has been perfecting whites, reds, and roses through a series of failures and lessons that they aren’t afraid to show. Working with The Lift’s director Alex Kahan, the historic brand aimed to expose their failures and tell the true story of how they got to be the expert craftsmen they are today.

“I loved thinking about how to approach brand failures,” notes Alex. “Throughout the creative process, it was great to visualize how these mistakes took place and shaped the brand over time. Not many brands want to discuss their shortcomings so it was a refreshing perspective to incorporate.” From run-ins with the conflict of the Mexican Revolution, to toppling over barrels of wine in the cellars, problems large and small proved to hold valuable lessons for the brand who have stood the testament of time. Alex brought a theatrical vision to these stories, bringing us smoothly from the rugged revolutionary era and agricultural scenes to the sleek modern day — “My approach was being able to bring each failure to life and really feel the intensity with which each stage is lived” says Alex. “It was important to show all sides of the brand’s history, it is because of that history that the oldest wine brand in Latin America was built.”

Alongside a team of amazing audiovisual professionals who made this spot special, Grammy-award winning Mexican artist Natalia Lafourcade lended her song “Tierra Querida” and her presence to the project, giving it a unique cultural power. “Working with Natalia was incredible,” notes Alex. “There was an incredible synergy on set between all of us. Natalia is a super responsive person, offering encouragement and a cheerful disposition on set. She was very open and honest when talking about her processes as an artist in the music industry, and it was a great experience to work with her.”

Pushing the boundaries of commercial based storytelling, Alex Kahan directed a short cinematic spectacle which encapsulates the importance of failures on the road to success. Watch the spot below!