Italian director Francesco Calabrese is not the first to fall in love with Mexico. While working on a previous project, he became deeply connected to our country and those working in the audiovisual industry here and knew it was the perfect place to engage with other creatives.
Although he is currently based between Milan and Los Angeles, he is eager to work in Mexico and is joining forces with The Lift on a number of our upcoming endeavors.

Francesco first began his creative career as a writer. While he initially studied literature, he realized over time he was drawn more to films than to books, enjoying the way written language translated to visuals on screen. He began writing his own scripts and eventually tapped into his passion for directing, which has led him to where he is today. After successfully directing a handful of low budget music videos and shorts, word of Francesco’s directorial prowess spread and led him to start his commercial career first in Italy and then abroad.
He moved to LA after one of his short films was picked up by Lionsgate for a feature film adaptation and even though that project is still relegated to the infamous “development hell”, other doors to exciting new projects have opened.

Francesco continues to write scripts and is currently developing an original series and a slate of feature films in addition to his regular work in commercial and branded content. Never shying away from intimacy and the dark details of the human experience, his work stands out amongst the crowd. “You can give people a thoughtful, uplifting, and engaging story,” said Francesco. “Branded content allows you to sell an idea, not just a product.” Applying a uniquely detached approach, Francesco blends elements of horror, thriller, and dark comedy genres into his work, allowing him to have fun and experiment throughout the creative process. “Francesco’s work combines a sharp eye for lighting and mood, with a superb sense of sequence, narrative construction, and an unusual ability to tell deeply human, evocative stories,” wrote agency Reprobates. “This knack for making audiences feel has made Francesco a sought-after director by industry- leading agencies.”

We are happy to collaborate with such a passionate director and look forward to a long and successful relationship.