Each year, the AICP Awards honor those who have made significant contributions to the world of commercial advertising. Now and in previous years, The Lift has been an active participant within this process, whether by receiving awards or being a part of the selection council which was the case this past season when our founder Avelino Rodriguez was a part of the Awards Committee to incorporate the creative perspective of Mexico into the judging process. This year, Avelino is a member of the Judging Panel and Curatorial Committee, and will present an award – further supporting the global focus that has been established through the organization’s entry film starring Old Spice icon Isaiah Mustafa.

Introduced as an “Advertising Icon”, Mustafa details the rewards associated with winning the AICP Awards which will close its submission window on March 28. The 2022 award recipients will be featured in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City – where Mustafa himself appears in six different installments. However, the AICP committee wants to send a clear message that this competition is not exclusive to English-speaking nations. Mustafa then slips into multiple languages, addressing people all around the world who can enter the competition. The AICP Awards have always been an inclusive space within the realm of advertising and promote cross-cultural approaches to making such content.

“We opened all categories in the AICP Show, AICP Next Awards, and AICP Post Awards to work from all markets in response to the increased globalization of the industry,” explained AICP President and CEO Matt Miller in an article featured in AICP News. “We also wanted to accommodate requests from production companies and agencies all over the world who wanted to have their work considered for recognition alongside the best work originating in the U.S. As our international footprint has expanded, this film captures that scope while also reflecting the unique role our awards play in honoring excellence in both craft and creativity in this global community.”

We are thrilled to be intertwined with an organization that promotes worldwide creative recognition. As The Lift works tirelessly to put Mexican filmmakers and producers on the map, we are happy to have supportive partners and collaborators who celebrate our work as well as global productions as a whole. We look forward to this year’s events – including The AICP Post Awards, The AICP Show: The Art and Technique of the Commercial, and the AICP Next Awards – which will be held in June 2022.

Watch the entry film starring Isaiah Mustafa below!

2022 AICP Awards Entry Film from AICP on Vimeo.