A hug can mean so many different things. It can be a greeting, a gesture of love or condolence, a sign of forgiveness or security. A hug is a universally enjoyed action, though sadly, it is one that coronavirus has paused on a global scale.

The latest spot for Zalando, directed by Jazmin Garcia and produced in collaboration with BWGTBLD GmbH, Cineburó, and Fuad Abed Dalton defines the copious meanings embedded into a hug, conveyed in a hug, and leftover from a hug. Shot across six countries over eight days, the beautiful commercial depicts a series of hugs and the moments that lead up to and follow the embrace.

Set to the Frank Ocean track Godspeed, the commercial sells a hug as a pivotal source of nourishment, connection, and even as a release. As the narrator says, “a hug is love, lust, warmth, peace, trust, courage, air, glue, a fire, delight, letting go, just holding on. But in the end, a hug is hope because the best hug is the one we haven’t had yet. We will hug again.”

“It was great to be part of a project with so much love behind it,” Fuad said. “We’d never worked with director Jazmin Garcia and it was a great collaboration. She pushed us to find those special Mexico City locations and areas. It was always about pushing a little more, and it shows in the final project. The combination that turned out from the whole creative team was really nice.”

Check out the spot below and click here to see more of Fuad’s work.