Everyone has experienced that overwhelming moment when riding a crowded bus or subway car, or when walking down a busy street and you wish you could tune out all the noise and chaos and move from point A to point B in peace and harmony.

We helped bring that moment to life for the latest Apple Airpods campaign, Snap, directed by Kim Gehrig and Somesuch, and produced by Laurie Boccaccio, Magali Sagarra. The ad, which was one of the most challenging jobs we have encountered, features a young woman navigating her way through a hectic city during the daytime, dodging people and traffic with barely enough room to squeeze by. But as soon as she transitions her Apple Airpods into Noise Cancellation mode, day becomes night and the congestion clears. Snapping off the noise, the city belongs to her alone, with more than enough space to dance through the neon-lit streets.

“Producing this Apple Airpods campaign was a feat of epic proportions,” The Lift’s José Barrera said. “Technically, the project was ultra demanding since we had to create all the sequences twice; once in the day with thousands of extras in one the busiest commercial districts of Mexico City, the again for night, with super precise lighting rigs and a very sophisticated choreography designed by Ryan Heffington, one of the most recognized choreographers in Hollywood. This approach meant we had to duplicate all the processes for day and night, recess, rehearsals, light studies etc…and then figure out how we would fit all the scenes in a three day/night span.”

We are super proud of the spot and the hard work everyone put in to making it happen. With mounting production challenges our industry is currently facing, Snap is a great reminder that when you work with dedicated and talented individuals, the impossible becomes possible. Check out the spot below!