The future of currency with Libra

Imagine a future where digitally-driven currency is available around the world. With Libra, that can become a reality.

As a technology company that is poised to redefine the global economy through entirely accessible cryptocurrency, Libra required a spot that captured the massive scale of their potential impact without losing sight of the vast array of individuals that Libra will serve.

Functioning as Libra’s introduction to the world, the spot tells the story behind the brand, bringing together the core facet that drives the company to do what they do: people.

The Lift’s Helena Medina, Benjamin Gilovitz, and our friends at Somesuch worked side-by-side to bring this visionary company to life on film, tapping into an endless amount of locations, scenes, moments, and characters that make up the inter-connected landscape that Libra aims to empower. Directed by Alex Hulsey, every shot directly hones in on Libra’s central mission, painting a picture of a future that sees no bounds.

Just like the core message of the spot, every member of our team came together to create something powerful; something that speaks to many and applies to all. From seeking out specific locations with a unique air to casting individuals that brought a genuine humanity to each frame, every creative decision along the production pipeline was marked by The Lift’s constant drive to deliver an unmatched level of excellence.

Watch the spot above!