“Delta is a journey, in the most figurative and literal sense of the word,” said Jose Barrera in a comment about our latest spot for the airline.

For Same Flight, we helped bring to life a vibrant, fast-paced, multi-narrative campaign to represent Delta’s tagline, “Travel has a way of reminding us there’s so much more that connects us than divides us.”

Bringing to life the interconnectivity that exists across the globe required a massive production. Directed by Daniel Wolfe, in collaboration with Somesuch, and produced by Magali Sagarra and Alexandra Lisee, we spent long hours location scouting and casting to find the extensive range of people and places that were used to represent all of us around the world. In one day we gathered 850 people, of all creeds and races in one park…and then together we finished the day with desserts from Contramar because those are treats appreciated world-wide.

The shoot involved blasting techno music inside a cathedral, a marching band, drones, dancing, high dives, recreating Paris and Rabat in Mexico, and of course, flying high up in the sky.

“It was a journey through the infinite possibilities that Mexico has to offer, and a journey in what seemed to be an insurmountable challenge, overcome by fierceness and a willingness to push ourselves out of our comfort zone into unexplored boundaries,” Barrera added.

Check out the spot above, which marks our second collaboration with Wolfe!

Photos by Artem Nadyozhin